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Intellectual property management is an increasingly complex task. If your business in Australia has an IP portfolio, it is critically important to ensure that it is efficiently monitored and appropriately managed.

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IP Portfolio Monitoring Overview

How do you know if your trade mark is infringed by a competitor? Regular Monitoring is the key to successful enforcement of your intangible asset.

Once you received your Trade Mark registration Certificate, it is your responsibility as trade mark owner, to regularly observe the status of your mark and to identify any new applications in relation to logos or names, that appear to be deceptively similar to your registration. Monitoring your trade mark assets, your competitors and the activities and latest trends in your industry is vital. If you are not regularly monitoring your brand, exact or similar trade marks may be accepted for registration and eventually registered by the Trade Mark Office before you are able to take any legal action against them.

IP Service International provides you with comprehensive monitoring services. This information obtained from the monitoring process also provides a valuable insight into not only what else is similar in the marketplace, but also what new brands your competitors may be planning to release.  If you would like to receive more information about our monitoring services please contact us directly to discuss your needs so we can tailor an appropriate strategy for your business.

Trade Mark Monitoring

We will tailor a search strategy to find all new and existing Trade Mark applications and registrations that are the same or very similar to your existing trade marks in the relevant jurisdictions of interest.  These reports will be delivered  monthly to enable you to meet opposition deadlines and will include all information about the similar trade marks found on the Trade Mark Registers (applicant name, TM number, type, goods and services etc.).

Trade Mark Industry Monitoring

Trade mark investigation of a particular industry can reveal new and unknown Overseas competitors and industry wide trends.  Industry trade mark surveillance is configured to search the relevant Nice (goods & services) classes that represent your industry on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (due to the volume of new applications weekly of fortnightly surveillance is recommended). For example, if you are in the clothing business, you would receive a search report of all new filings in Class 25.  If you would like to know months or years in advance of the new brands entering your market-space, then this is the monitoring report for your business!

Trade Mark Competitor Monitoring

Trade mark observation of your competitor’s trade mark activities can be helpful for your team to know beforehand, if you compete in a highly competitive market.  Knowing of your specific competition’s new brands will allow you to tailor your branding strategies accordingly. This will ensure you distinguish your products/services in the marketplace.  Our competitor monitoring search reports will show the new trade mark applications of your competitors as well as respective status changes for existing applications, such as renewals and lapsed registrations.

Corporate Brand Monitoring

IP Service International can provide your company with a brand monitoring report involving variations and combinations of any or all of the above, however in order to do so we will need information regarding your industry, all of your trade marks for monitoring, and your major competitors.

We can monitor in various jurisdictions, however due to differences in international databases (some countries are not available online) the fees can vary greatly from country to country.

If you would like to receive our tailored brand monitoring proposal for your business please be in touch with information surrounding your specific requirements.

Customs Trade Mark Monitoring

Customs may seize goods that are imported into Australia if the importation infringes, or appears to infringe, a registered Australian trade mark.

Customs trade mark monitoring is available to all sizes of business and this vital service gives you peace of mind and a strong defense against counterfeit goods entering the market. Please contact us for further information.

Investigation Services

Our trusted private investigator partner can provide comprehensive market surveillance for counterfeit goods and trade mark non-use investigations in Australia.

To speak with one of our helpful Trade Mark Consultants please click here and provide your contact details or call and speak with us now on 1300 770 287.


IP Portfolio Management Overview

Intellectual property portfolio management is a combination of intangible asset management, strategic management and risk management. IP assets may require intellectual property protection, additional formal processes like trademark registration, or similar actions.

IP Services International is a worldwide intellectual property firm with extensive experience in IP portfolio management. We manage a highly diversified range of IP portfolios for businesses in many different sectors. We provide our services for Australian businesses across a broad spectrum of different types of intellectual property.

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